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Screen Shots

Click on a thumbnail below to see a full sized screenshot of Spectrum Internet Suite in action:

Screen Shot 1

About Screen is viewed as an HTML document

Screen Shot 2

The SIS home page

Screen Shot F1

MiniFinder: View the online disks. Control-DoubleClick to view Disk Information

Screen Shot F2

MiniFinder: View a disk directory. Control-DoubleClick to view File Information. File operation options are presented. Bookmark an application for easy launching!

Screen Shot F3

View of the File Menu from a directory listing shows all items selectable

Screen Shot E1

Sending email could not be any easier. Pop-up menu in the header chooses between BCC: and CC:

Screen Shot 3

Some form elements aren't immediately visible. Double-click the Green form button...

Screen Shot 4

...which opens up a Line Edit control in a mini window. Enter the text and close the window.

Screen Shot B1

Bookmark menu shows the "eye-candy" icons next to each type of location

Screen Shot 7

View document Information

Screen Shot 8

The Bookmark Editor can import bookmarks from just about every Web Browser existing!

Screen Shot 9

Integrated VT100 telnet

Screen Shot 10

Control-DoubleClick a link brings up the Location Information and associated operations

Screen Shot 11

SIS comes with a detail-oriented set of instructions. Print out a copy for easy reference

Screen Shot FI

SIS can be launched from the Finder or any other similar types of programs

View a detailed description of the SIS Browser display.

Comparison of
Spectrum Internet Suite
Netscape Navigator (Mac)

Spectrum Internet Suite Screen Shot

Netscape Navigator (Mac) Screen Shot

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