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July 2003, Spectrum Internet Suite changes from commercial software to Open Source. The version 1.2 release also marked expanded features and bug fixes. Earlier versions of Spectrum Internet Suite remain commercial and should not be treated as "free" to maintain their value.

Building on the power and strength of Spectrum and its associated plug-in XCMDs and Displays, Spectrum Internet Suite combines an XDisplay with a new XCMD and powerful Spectrum scripting to provide a one-stop solution for accessing the Internet.

What is an XDisplay? This is simply a plug-in Spectrum Online Display that not only behaves as a display, but also behaves like an XCMD responding to Spectrum script commands. The Web Browser XDisplay is a custom display that can display standard text as well as display HTML tagged text. The XCMD side of the Browser display has a host of special functions that support the display and Internet access.

The Window Manager XCMD, which was first previewed at KansasFest '96, is central to the Spectrum Internet Suite. It controls the display of many support windows used by the browser script. It can also be used in its own right as an XCMD by any Spectrum script.

Spectrum Internet Suite scripts is a powerful set of scripts that will allow you to manage your Internet environment, send email and telnet, provide some Finder-like options including launching applications, but primarily will allow you to surf the Web on your Apple IIGS.

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