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Now you can access the
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directly from your Apple II

Spectrum Internet Suite

Using Spectrum, Geoff Weiss and Ewen Wannop have developed the Spectrum Internet Suite - an all-in-one tool that provides Web Browsing, Email Sending, File Managing, and Telnet Connecting. This is the most complete application to access the World Wide Web from an Apple IIGS.

August 2003 Update:
Spectrum Internet Suite (SIS) gets updated to version 1.2. This version also marks its release as Open Source. New features include TCP/IP networking, telnet, file utilities (copy, move, rename, delete, and application launching), importing of bookmarks from Arachnid, and additional email capability (blind carbon copies and attachments). The source to build your own copy of SIS is available in the Download Section.


and the Spectrum Internet Suite, requires at least 4Mb of memory to browse the Web. A great deal of processing also needs to be done to build an HTML display, so an accelerator is virtually a must. It is also advisable to run Spectrum from a hard disk for speed and maximum storage capacity.
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